BONUS: meet the pup, Bosco.

who is…Jared Hamburg?

Hey! Happy you asked.

I majored in Media Studies and minored in Creative Writing at Trinity College - Hartford. I have a wide array of professional experiences; such as, working for a Fortune 100 company in IBM, a production studio in Legendary Entertainment, a radio station in Cumulus Media, an advertising agency in R/GA, and now more.

I know, it’s all over the place. I have many passions and I go where the opportunity presents itself. What can I say — I’m young, is it so hard to understand?

I know what I’m good at and what I’m not good at; I’m a studious, curious, and willing learner. I’ve refined my creative approach and a proficient multi-tasker. I can manage your projects or write copy for your site. I’m a one-stop-shop for content creation: writer, producer, and editor of any form for any platform.

Bottomline: I’ll take your brand’s social to the next level. Drop a line, let’s chat about what I can offer you.