Trinity College


Majored in Media Studies with a minored in Creative Writing. I received a well-rounded Liberal Arts education, where I was able to connect with, talk to, and learn from my professors on a daily basis. I spent most of my academic career reading from the canon of literature; studying the works of authors such as Tennessee Williams, Eugene O'Neill, Arthur Miller, Chaucer, Aristotle's Politics, and more.

A member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, I took on leadership roles such as Vice President-External, Campus Involvement Chair, and Social Chair. 

I created the Sports Photographer role for The Trinity Tripod - Trinity's student-run newspaper. In the Spring of 2015, I became the Photography Editor - managing a team of student photographers and coordinating with the Editors-In-Chief on how to tell a story using photographs.

Perhaps my proudest moments as a student at Trinity were as an actor for the school's plays. I acted in four productions and was a backstage member for more.

UCLA: Anderson School of Management (Summer 2015)


For Summer 2015, I enrolled in UCLA's Anderson School of Management Summer Institute. Focusing on the business of film and television, the curriculum examined the relationship between the audiences and films, as well as how technological advances have changed the way the entertainment industry is run.

Interning at Legendary Entertainment was awesome and unique. Working with the marketing team to better understand who their audience is, I learned a great deal about how important marketing is for movie success.

Major Motion Pictures I worked on: Warcraft (2016), Krampus (2016), and Crimson Peak (2015).

William Esper Studio (Summer 2013)


The William Esper Studio is one of the premiere acting schools in the country. Studying the Meisner Technique was a challenge, and embracing constructive criticism from my professor was a learning experience. With weekly scripts and several partners to learn with, it was a very fun summer.

I dedicated myself to the program, and it resulted in becoming significantly better at reading scripts and working with other actors. I also became a much improved public speaker and have embraced public-speaking opportunities.