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Interviewing and Ghostwriting for an IBM Watson and Cloud Architect

My first assignment as an IBM Corporate Communications Intern was to orchestrate a call with Ryan Anderson, interview him, and write a story based on his latest IBM Watson invention. Simple, right? Ehh. For 2 weeks, Ryan and I were in contact nearly everyday, hoping to squeeze every detail I could into the story.

Several rough drafts later, I worked with IBM's team of editors to fully refine the piece so that it could be published on IBM's THINK Blog - a blog dedicated to chronicling the fast-moving world of cognitive computing. To write this piece, I had to adjust my writing style and adapt to the way Ryan would speak, a truly unique learning process.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 4.20.20 PM.png
- IBM's team of editors thoughts on my rough draft.

- IBM's team of editors thoughts on my rough draft.

Before the blog was published, I worked with IBM's team of editors to create a final draft.

At times they were so helpful and very nice, and other times cutthroat and direct with what I needed to do. To be in that environment, where every detail matters, was a challenge I accepted.

Vintage car w/ IoT || Writing Scripts for IBM Watson's Live Stream

Once again I was ghostwriting for IBM's THINK Blog. This time it was with Mark Barnard, an engineer and gearhead who combined Bluemix, IBM's cloud platform, with a 1933 Riley sports car. As someone who loves cars myself, writing this story and learning about Mark's restoration was a lot of fun.

For Facebook Live, IBM needed me to write a loose script for two engineers. IBM is on the brink of so many cutting-edge technologies, this time with Watson Beat - an artificial neural network that uses deep learning to understand music theory.

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Watson Beat Script.jpg