Comedy has a special place in my life.



The Greeting

A nonchalant bathroom greeting causes Barry to spiral out of control, believing that he ruined his chance at getting his ideal job out of college.

The capstone to my Trinity College education, "The Greeting" became my senior thesis - an original script produced into a original 40-minute film.

Click here to watch the film!

Click the link here to view the script: The Greeting

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Luke Tillman is an average teen who is faced with an odd predicament. With God and The Devil whispering in his ears constantly, Luke must make a decision bigger than just himself.

Temptations premiered at Trinity College during the Spring 2015 semester.

Click the link here to view the original script: Temptations

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In Plain Sight

Tim and Leon share an interest that many find disturbing. In Plain Sight is the story of their oddball relationship told through a series of flashbacks.

I began writing In Plain Sight with the idea of it becoming a television series. The script shown here is the first episode of the first season - an introduction.

Click the link here to view the script of the first episode: In Plain Sight